Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences

The cornerstone of our company – we are the recognized worldwide experts in the pharmaceutical water industry.  Hundreds of purified water and WFI systems have been designed, built, and validated for our clients.


Pharmaceutical water is, perhaps, the most important of all pharmaceutical utilities. It is used as an excipient in many pharmaceutical formulations, as a cleaning agent and as a separately packaged product diluent. In addition to non-compendial systems, pharmaceutical facilities typically include systems for delivering pharmacopoeial Purified Water (PW) Water for Injections (WFI), and Highly Purified Water (HPW).

Laboratory / R&D

In life and in the lab, WCSI specializes in standard high-purity systems for analytical, research, and bioscience applications.  We have local service exchange deionization (SDI) and electrodeionization products, plus quick lead times, quality equipment, and validation services.


It is of vital importance that the water used in dialysis is safe and pure. WCSI provides the highest quality dialysis water treatment equipment though AmeriWater, including portable reverse osmosis, heat disinfection, and automatic dual tank bicarbonate systems.


WCSI delivers high-purity equipment and systems producing water that meets even the highest quality specifications.  Sustainable design options, high-efficiency membrane systems, electrodeionization products, and water reclaim systems ensure the best possible solutions.

Food & Beverage

Innovative membrane processes such as high recovery reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), and microfiltration (MF) membrane systems.  Traditional filtration, chlorination, and advanced oxidation products.


From cooling tower make-up to boiler feed water systems, WCSI delivers economical design options by implementing innovative technologies.  Our boiler feed water programs combine equipment and chemical feed systems with on-line monitoring and service to ensure system reliability and minimal maintenance.  We offer standard industrial products such as sodium cycle water softeners, dealkylizers, and reverse osmosis systems for boiler feed waters.  Cooling tower programs include scaling, deposition, and microbial control products and chemicals.  WCSI offers routine service programs and remote monitoring and diagnostic programs through GE Water & Process Technologies InSight™ Program.

Commercial / Industrial

WCSI has a full line of standard equipment for the commercial/industrial market.  We design and manufacture systems based on the specific quality requirements for a particular application. We offer water treatment solutions for apartment complexes and retirement communities, hospitality companies, health care facilities, restaurants and food service companies, carwashes, and light industrial manufacturers.  Treatment technologies may include softeners, ion-exchange, membrane-based systems or other processes.  WCSI can provide standard equipment or custom engineered solutions for challenging feed water supplies or tight feed water specifications. Rental equipment for pilot studies is also available.

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