Turnkey and Design/Build Systems

Turnkey Systems

Industrial water treatment systems often require several purification steps to deliver water consistently to desired use points. From generation systems, to storage and distribution networks, to support utility and wastewater systems, integration of components is critical to ensure efficient design and water conservation. Water Consulting Specialists, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide a single project contact that manages, designs, integrates, and commisssions all equipment and trades required to successfully implement new systems or existing system upgrades and enhancements. Our integrated factory and site testing procedures ensure that the equipment is designed as specified and will operate successfully for years to come. Quality by design is the cornerstone of our success.

Industrial Design / Build Delivery


  • Capital savings leading to Affordable Innovation (AI)

  • Single point of accountability

  • Process guarantee for entire system performance through points-of-use

  • Integration of verification and validation into project lifecycle

  • No repetition of testing activities

  • Project timeframe reduction

  • Subject Matter Expertise

  • Creates environment for imaginative methods for cost reduction

The use of a design-build firm specializing in the delivery of industrial water systems can lead to significant cost savings systemically throughout a project lifetime.  These may include the use of standard systems, but may also include reduced engineering and design work due to the high-level of experience held by the Subject Matter Experts.  Specification development and review, design hold points, and owner involvement can all be minimized to reduce schedule.  Procurement costs can be reduced by sole-sourcing or forgoing extensive purchasing specifications.  Procurement of identical systems to other sites within a certain company can also minimize engineering costs.  Cost savings can lead to additional funds available for improved technology and process monitoring tools. Benefits include:

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