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Preventive Maintenance is critical to ensure long-term successful operation of water treatment systems. WCSI field engineers and technicians are dedicated to optimizing the performance of your water system, not just replacing consumable items. The result is a system that operates more effectively, with less system down-time for cleanings and sanitizations. Every one of our service and preventive maintenance accounts is assigned an engineer who has ultimate responsibility for system performance, service activities and procedures, and maintenance intervals.

Service Exchange Deionization (SDI) and Electrodeionization

WCSI has a complete line of Portable Service Deionization (SDI) available to be delivered from any one of our regional offices. This includes flow ranges from less than 1.0 gpm to mobile systems capable of delivering hundreds of gallons per minute. WCSI also offers service electrodeionization (EDI) systems which do not require frequent exchange. These rental units are an attractive alternative to high volume users. Service exchange is also available for activated carbon and other types of media.

Membrane Exchange

Clean out of place (COP) for RO membranes offers many advantages to traditional clean-in-place systems. Our membrane COP program limits system downtime, eliminates the need for RO cleaning chemicals, and allows for each membrane to be cleaned individually. membranes removed for COP are tracked by serial number and subject to pre and post-cleaning testing. Membranes are preserved after cleaning and sealed to eliminate contamination. WCSI will store membranes at no charge until replacement is necessary.

Spare Parts & Consumables

Our regional offices all stock common spare parts and consumables. These include items such as membranes, filters, UV bulbs and parts, salt, activated carbon, resin, and sanitization chemicals. We stock many of the common brands and with a networked inventory database, are able to ship from any regional warehouse directly. Same day delivery is available to contract customers on an emergency basis.

Emergency Service

WCSI is a full-service, 24 hour / 365 day per year service company. Emergency Service is available to all contracted customers with a minimal response time. We service all makes and models of water treatment equipment and are a Licensed Distributor for GE Water and a Certified Service Provider for Siemens Ionpure. Our hands-on approach coupled with highly-technical and experienced engineers guarantees that the best possible team available for any emergency to solve any water treatment issue.

Shut Down Coordination

Plant shut down is often one of the most intense maintenance periods of the year. WCSI offers assistance with shut-down activities or complete responsibility of every detail. Our services include service and maintenance for water systems, steam systems, steam and electric boilers, and waste and reclaim systems.

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