Customization & System Delivery

Customized High Purity Systems

Whether custom designed to a specification or clients preferences, WCSI delivers products and equipment beyond expectations.  Simple customization for preferred materials and components should never be excessive.  Our lean manufacturing process allows for customized design without an excessive price tag.  Our expertise with hygienic design ensures that the highest quality materials and methods will be used.  WCSI understands that the preferences and standards vary throughout sites, industries, and geographic regions, we do not expect our customers to be forced to purchase our standards.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

Technology is at the core of all of our systems. WCSI has the latest technology available, from high-flow low-pressure RO elements to state-of the art electrodeionization (EDI) modules to high flux filtration products. Our experience of applying the best available technology at a reasonable price in unparalleled. We call this Affordable Innovation. By evaluating user requirements, WCSI can determine what technologies are most suitable for each application. Affordable Innovation, from the leaders in water treatment.

Integrated Factory Testing

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a vital part of our overall system delivery method.  An FAT is preformed in our factory is an integrated testing procedure which can include generation, storage, and distribution systems.  WCSI can perform completely functional FATs to verify the system meets the quality and quantity requirements required before the equipment leaves the factory.  The FAT also provides a unique training environment for facilities engineers and system operators to learn first-hand from our engineers about the operation of the system.

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