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 Our expertise in high purity water systems stems from decades of design and operation of systems and our hands-on engineering approach.

WCSI is a privately-held, family-owned business that has been in business since 1993. Now in our second generation of leadership, our successful projects range from one-day consulting visits to turn-key responsibility of multi-million dollar water projects. Our staff includes some of the most widely recognized water treatment experts in the industry. Headquartered on the East Coast, with regional offices and service centers, our client base extends worldwide.

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Use science and technology coupled with quality engineering, design, and commissioning expertise to provide integrated systems and services to the industrial water industry of unparalleled quality at a reasonable cost.

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Statement of Ethics

WCSI has an obligation to conduct all business activities in an ethical manner. Our employees are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of business and personal ethics and realize that they are a reflection of the company. When acting on behalf of the company, no employee shall take unfair advantage of clients, vendors or business partners by concealing information, misrepresenting the truth, or falsifying data related to the performance of equipment or systems.

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